Interactive Watercolour CD: Main features


An interactive multi-media course in web format all on a CD-ROM.
£29.95 (British Pounds) plus Postage and Packing.
The CD is only available directly from the Artist and is not available through other retail outlets.


CD Main Features:

  • Over 250 ‘how to do it’ movie clips & animations.
  • Over 3000 photographs, diagrams and illustrations.
  • Over 200 photographs to do your own paintings from.
  • Over 1100 easy to navigate web style pages.
  • Information and advice on materials, brushes and other equipment.
  • Demonstrations and explanations on brush skills, paint mixing, colour, watercolour techniques, recovery techniques and more.
  • Full instructions on how to paint over 30 graded ‘Watercolour Doodles’ many using video clips throughout. The doodles demonstrate wet in wet, wet on dry, glazing and many other techniques, terms and methods. There are also many other doodle examples shown.
  • Comprehensive instructions for 11 Step by Step paintings including pen and wash. Large images show each step in detail and there are additional 'close up' images of parts of the paintings.
  • Printable instructions you can take to your painting area.
  • In depth tutorials on colour, drawing, composition, brushes, perspective, photography and more.
  • Extensive Interactive Watercolour Glossary with photographs, diagrams and links to more detailed explanations and illustrations on the CD.
  • Gallery of paintings including: Landscape, Floral and Still life.
  • Many more detailed steps and instructions than is possible in a conventional book or video.
  • Large clear images, animations, video clips and interactive charts help you learn and understand.
  • Background music to inspire your painting.


System requirements

  • The CD will run on laptops or desktop computers meeting the system requirements. It will also run on Netbooks with integral or external CD ROM support.
  • Personal Computer Pentium 90 or faster.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8
  • Macintosh OSX
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer Version 4 or later. (Internet Explorer 6 is included on the CD for earlier operating systems).
  • The CD is optomised for Internet Explorer but will also operate all key features on other popular browsers including Safari & Firefox.
  • Memory: 16Mb or higher.
  • Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels, Minimum 16 bit colour.
  • CD ROM Speed: Minimum 4 x (10 x or better recommended).
  • The whole of the course is on the CD and does not require an internet connection to function.
  • Some additional features (links to other web sites and use of the free Watercolour Forum on this site) require an Internet connection.


One of the step by step Pen & Wash paintings.

The pen & wash step by steps have ink only drawings to guide you (see below). There are also tips on ink drawing in the In Depth section.  

Ink drawing Farm Pen & Wash




Some of the sections on the CD

What is Watercolour


Colour & Paint

Brush Skills





Above: Some of the sections on the CD