Interactive Watercolour CD: Teaching Method


An interactive multi-media course in web format all on a CD-ROM.
29.95 (British Pounds) + Postage and Packing.
The CD is only available directly from the Artist and is not available through other retail outlets.


If you have ever said to yourself 'I wish someone would just show me how to paint' then you are in the same situation that I was when I started learning. It's much easier to learn when you watch someone do it - close up. Unfortunately there are not many books or videos out there that do just that. Both of these methods of learning have limitations that can often leave you feeling that 'something is missing from the instructions'. Even if you attend classes, and you are lucky enough to have a good teacher, for many of us, it simply doesn't work when we try to do what we have been shown. Watercolour is a medium which is heavily dependent on techniques and most people who are learning watercolour benefit greatly from watching 'how to do it' demonstrations over and over until all the subtleties have been taken in.

I have created Interactive watercolour to meet these challenges. I'll show you, in close up, how to paint. Each technique and process is broken into manageable steps. You will have your own personal demonstrator on your computer. I'll take you from the beginning to an advanced stage, at your own pace, in a way which allows you to get much pleasure from your painting sessions and from your progress.

Interactive Watercolour is a new way of learning and contains a complete course and reference work in Watercolour Painting. Combining written word and video clips the CD takes you through every step with simple, easy to follow instructions. At any time you can jump to the extensive glossary to get an explanation of a term. There are also search facilities so that you can easily find all references to anything on the CD.

The Basics section takes you from Brush skills to techniques, materials to correcting mistakes - using video clips to demonstrate all the key skills that you will need. The clips, which supplement comprehensive written instruction, can be run, paused and replayed so that you can examine each step in detail and learn at your own pace.

With the basics under your belt, the Doodles section takes you through over 30 watercolour sketches to build up skill and confidence. Every detail is included on how to paint each doodle. Colour mixes, wetness levels, brush strokes and effects are explained to guide you to success. Many of the doodles use video clips throughout so that you see every brushstroke used to complete the sketch.

There are full instructions on 11 complete paintings which start simple and gradually increase in difficulty as your skill is developed. Wash and pen is also included. The individual steps are broken into easy to follow stages so that you are left in no doubt how each part is painted. Some of the paintings are broken into more that 20 steps with large images that you can examine in detail.

When you've learned the practical skills of watercolour the CD doesn't finish there. In depth tutorials take you through the skills that you need for your own picture creation providing tuition in drawing, composition and perspective. There are also in depth sections on: paper, paint mixing and colour, brushes and more. Active diagrams and movie clips are used to help you learn and understand.

The CD also has a resources section which includes photographs that you can do your own paintings from, printable grid and scaled drawings of the more complex doodles and paintings, other reference material, drawing aids and a gallery of paintings.

Help is at hand if you have any difficulty in navigating the book, viewing movie clips and printing. Just click the help link on the top or bottom menu on each page.

Join me on a journey of discovery and pleasure.

Watch the paint dry!

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Example doodles movie clips

Above: Example doodles movie clips
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Example doodles movie clips

Above: Example Step by step paintings on the CD