Doodles Page 1: Simple wet in wet tree & Winter Tree

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The painting doodles and text are Peter Saw and shall not be reproduced without permission.
The paintings and text may be used to assist your own painting practice only for the purpose of self education.

Simple wet in wet tree

simple tree1

Try out this simple tree (actual size).
Practice until you can do it. (Example painted with No. 6 brush & No. 1 Rigger on Bockingford Tinted Cream paper)

1. Keep the brush full & watery
dragging the belly of the brush across the paper as shown.
Try to get a non symetrical shape.

2. While the paint is still wet, drop in greener paint (more ultramarine) in the shadow areas.
'Drop in' means: let the second colour flow out of the brush on its own into the first colour with little or no painting action.

simple tree2

3. Using Burnt Sienna + Ultramarine, paint in the trunk and branches using a rigger brush while the tree is still wet.

Let the trunk colour leak into the tree colour.

While the trunk is still damp, lift out paint with a damp rigger.

If you don't get the effect ask:
Is the stage 1 wash wet enough?
Is the stage 2 wash too wet?

Winter tree


Paint 2 x size shown

No.6 Brush & No. 1 Rigger on Bockingford Not Paper
Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna Ultramarine.

Paint trunk and larger branches with No.6 Brush changing to rigger for smaller branches & Twiggs.

Start by painting the trunk and main branches using watery raw sienna. While this is still wet drop in a thicker mix of burnt sienna & ultramarine into shadow areas and let the colours fuse together on their own.
Finish off the smaller branches and twiggs using a rigger. Try to complete this while the trunk and branches are still wet.
It takes a lot of practice to paint winter trees with the rigger - keep doing it until you get control.

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