The Interactive Watercolor CD ROM for PC & Mac

The Interactive Wartercolour CD

A complete, multi-media course in watercolor painting on a CD ROM. Your own personal tutor on your PC or Laptop shows you how to paint and how to get results quickly.

Interactive Watercolor is more than a book, it's more than a video. It's a complete and easy to use course and reference source on watercolor painting that makes learning to paint fun and enjoyable whilst gradually building skill and confidence. The CD uses movie clips to show you all the basic watercolor techniques and gives detailed painting instructions, showing you, through 'exercise doodles' how to paint all the main landscape features. Many of the doodles use movies throughout so you see every brushstroke and detail.


There are detailed sections on everything you need to know to produce successful watercolor paintings. The course takes you right from the beginning to intermediate level and beyond.

The CD includes all the essential information and demonstrations needed by a beginner to get a solid foundation in watercolor painting, a key area which is often left out of many books and videos.

The Basics section includes information on: Materials; Paint Mixing; Brush Skills; watercolor Techniques; Recovery techniques and more. Many sections include video demonstrations so that you can see exactly 'how it's done'.

The Doodles Section has complete instructions for painting over 30 graded cameo paintings and the Painting Section has 11, graded, step by step Paintings including both watercolor and pen and wash techniques.

Everything on the CD is easy to find and use. There's also a massive interactive, illustrated glossary large enough to be a reference work in its own right.

In Depth Tutorials include: Composition; Perspective; Paint Mixing and Colour; Drawing and in depth knowledge on Watercolor Paper, Brushes and more. There's also a resources section which includes: Printable Drawings (patterns); Photo's to paint from and a Gallery of paintings.

One of the step by step paintings.


There are 16 steps to this particular painting rather than the usual 3 or 4 in a paper book. You can flick backwards and forwards to easily see the changes between each step.














Example doodles movie clips

Above: Example doodles movie clips
(Please wait for the movies to download)

Below: Example Step by step paintings on the CD

Example doodles movie clips



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