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Interactive Watercolour is a complete course in watercolour painting. It contains more than 30 doodles, 11 step by step paintings, multimedia basics and in depth sections. It also has a comprehensive pictorial glossary and a resources section with over 200 photographs to paint from and grid drawings for the paintings and doodles.

Main Features:

bullet Over 250 ‘how to do it’ movie clips & animations. Movie are used to demonstrate brush skills and watercolour techniques. A number of doodles are also demonstrated using movies - you see every brushstroke.
bullet Over 3000 photographs, diagrams and illustrations.
bullet Over 200 photographs, taken especially for paintings, to do your own paintings from.
bullet Over 1000 easy to navigate web style pages.
bullet Comprehensive information on materials, brushes and other equipment, workspace and 'how to speed up learning'.
bullet Demonstrations and explanations on brush skills, paint mixing, colour, watercolour techniques, corrections and more. Many using movies.
bullet Full step by step instructions on how to paint over 30 ‘Watercolour Doodles’ many using video clips.
bullet Comprehensive instructions for 11 Step by Step paintings. Many more steps than in a conventional book - some having over 20 steps. Each step can be enlarged to show every detail. Flick between steps to instantly see the additions.
bullet Printable instructions you can take to your painting area.
bullet In depth articles on paint and colour, drawing, composition, brushes, perspective, photography, paper and style.
bullet Extensive Watercolour Glossary with photographs, diagrams and links to other sections in the book.
bullet Gallery of paintings.
bullet Many more detailed steps and instructions than is possible in a conventional book or video. Detailed photographs and Diagrams which can be enlarged - many can be made larger than the original painting.
bullet Learning is fun with Interactive Watercolour. Large clear images, animations, video clips and interactive charts help you learn and understand.
bullet Search facilities allow searching the text of the book to find all references to a topic, watercolour technique or term.
bullet  A navigation bar provides easy access to all sections of the book. A full contents list lets you jump straight to a page within a section.
A small sample of  some of the Doodles &  Step by step Paintings featured on the CD
Glazed Apple Doodle Atmospheric Sky Doodle
Small Barn Doodle Big Tree Doodle
Granulated Rock Doodle Sienna Trees Doodle
Stormy Sky Doodle Seascape Vignette Step by Step Painting
Bridge at Watendlath  Step by Step Painting Winter Step by Step Painting


System requirements:

PC, Pentium 90 or faster .
Operating System: Windows® 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista
Microsoft® Internet Explorer Version 4 or later.
Memory: 16Mb or higher.
Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels,
Minimum 16 bit colour.
CD ROM Speed: Minimum 4 x, Recommended: 10 x or better.
Some features (further study) require an Internet connection.
Internet Explorer  5.5 & 6 are included on the CD

The Interactive Watercolour CD was designed using the features available in Microsoft® Internet Explorer and is not Compatible with Apple Macintosh® Computers or with Netscape Navigator or other browsers.