Example doodle - Simple Tree

The doodle below is one of over 30 doodles on the Interactive Watercolour CD. Many in video format.

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Doodles: Simple Tree, Preparation:

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This doodle demonstrates using wet in wet to paint a simple tree. The painting must stay wet from beginning to end. Each step includes a video clip which shows every brushstroke. Text guidance is also given for each step to help understand the skills being practised. At the end there is a review which should identify help for any problems that you may have in completing the doodle. Run through the steps first before starting to paint.
This doodle measures:
Width: 3 inch x Height: 3.5 inch (7.5 cm x 9 cm)
Colours used:
French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Pale.
Paper used: Rough, 140 lb.
Brushes used: No.6 Round,  No.2   Rigger
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Make up a slightly thicker than water mix of Cadmium Yellow Pale + French Ultramarine and a similar consistency mix of Burnt Sienna + French Ultramarine. Make the mixes variegated as shown above and pick up paint from the relevant side. Mix more paint than you need.
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