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Susan Bronsak

Susan's Journey
A site full of Susan's work showing her considerable versatility and painting skill
Susan's Watercolour Journey - showing how her talent was developed!
Georgina Jones This crafty lady is not bad in the arts department either!
Hany Elkoshairi

Hany's MSN site
Hany's Gallery with Watercolours, Acrylic, Oils & Drawings. There are also some of Hany's demonstrations to have a go at on Hany's MSN site.
Robert Barratt Robert's site displays watercolour landscapes of various locations around the world.
WatercolorBob Watercolor resources, lessons and a community for beginners
KT's Art Ken uses most media including Oil, acrylic, watercolour and digital. His site also has some 'Mining memories'.
Daniel Penfold Dan's watercolours of the British countryside are on display.
Peter Dimmock Peaceful Pete shows off his talents in a variety of media at
Melody's Art Work Melody's drawings, doodles & paintings on display. The narrative accompanying the paintings is a 'must read'. Brighten up your day.
Ewart's Artwork Check out Ewart's artwork from pastel to powder paints - then move on to 'study' the rest of his site.
Tom Cunliffe Tom's Watercolour Gallery. A growing collection of Watercolours on display. Tom also has photos and a section on Literature.
Robert Leitch Check out Bob's Site. Watercolour for beginners. A collection of great watercolours, Hints & Tips & some good advice.
Stephen Reading Stephen's Site TG11Art has a range of fresh watercolours including: Landscapes, wildlife and florals
Beryl's Paintings Beryl's new site is full of her watercolour paintings including Landscapes, seascapes and flowers. Check it out.
Jimbo's Gallery Jimbo's Home Page with Watercolour doodles and paintings on display and links to some high flying action.
Kiaya's Gallery Ooooooooooodles of super doodles in Kiaya's Gallery. Pay a visit and check them out
Denitia Poteet A wide range of paintings including florals, birds, landscapes, doodles. Denitia paints in watercolour and acrylics.
Marianne's Site Marianne's paintings are done in watercolour, pen and ink, and coloured pencil.
Derek's Site Derek's site includes his watercolours and some research on family history.
Jeff's Site Take a look at Jeff's site at for paintings, photographs, Classic Motorcycles and more.
Ernie's Site 'The Workbench' is Ernie's site showing his watercolour progress and his expert work in glass
Steve Dunne Steve has some great watercolours on show along with photo's of his Model Aircraft
Maureen's Site Maureen's (Maursey's)  Painting and Craft site has paintings in acrylic and watercolour and home made craftwork on display
Peter's Pastimes Peter's site includes watercolour paintings, poetry, photo galley and snowy owls!
RaysArtOnline Rays site contains his Watercolour Doodles and Paintings. His addiction to watercolour is plain to see by his super doodles.
Web Easel John's site displays doodles and paintings of people, animals and landscapes. Some fine photo's too - an eye for microscopic creatures!
Sheila's site Take a look at where Sheila shows her lovely watercolours and photographs
Tom Dicken Toms ' Friday Painting Group' site shows off his work and that of the group members.
Mohamed's site Mohamed's site displays paintings of animals, flowers, birds and landscapes
Robin's Art Robin's site displays his vibrant style with paintings of landscapes, water and still life.
Chris's Art Site Chris Berdoll's site displays his super landscape paintings. Chris now has an on line watercolour teaching site at Watercolour
Judy-Joy's site Judy-Joy's site at Bevin House Art Studio.
Fine watercolours with a variety of subjects.
Artilicious Artilicious by Wendy. Watercolours, Acrylic & Oil paintings.
Original artwork and some music too!
Swee's Site Malaysian Watercolours by Swee.
A gallery of fine watercolours, Tips, Links and other information articles
Ian Daly Lots of doodles and paintings to view on Ian's site
Ginger's site If you are into seascapes don't pass this site by. Super paintings of the Cornish coast by Edwin G Eddy (Ginger).
Joy's Blog Spot Art by Joy - Pastels and watercolours on show at Joy's Blog Spot
Pamela West Pamela West is an international selling artist. Site includes paintings of a large range of subjects in Acrylics and Watercolour.
Alan's Site Alan displays his Watercolour paintings and Pen & Wash paintings of Landscapes, Seascapes & Townscapes
Mary Beth's Site Welcome to Original Art by Mary Beth Schiros. Colorful art in a unique and fascinating style.
Tigra's Site Juls displays Watercolour paintings of landscapes, seascapes, animals and figures
Rosemary's Site Rosemary's Gallery displays Watercolours, Acrylics and photographs of landscapes, abstracts, birds and figures.
Walters's Site Walters site shows watercolours of seascapes and landscapes many depicting scenes around Scotland.
Gerd's Site Gerd's site is full of his superb landscape and architectural watercolour paintings. Well worth a visit.
Wojtek's Site Wajtek's site has paintings from his early work  to his current work. A great selection of doodles, drawings and paintings Well worth a visit.
Isabel Coe Issy's site has a gallery of beautiful watercolours. Well worth a look.
Tim Lucey A Brave Man and lover of colour! Tim will have a go at painting anything in Watercolour or Acrylic
Rentia's Blog Paintings in Watercolour of Landscapes, Seascapes and African Animals. Links to related sites
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