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I would like to register my CD and say that I have learned more from this CD in the last 24 hours than I have ever learned from the many books that I have read over the years...thank you...I am inspired!!!



I do not have words to describe my gratitude and joy at this wonderful Interactive CD. It is so easy to use and bursting with information. I have been so frustrated until now. I've managed to produce some pretty nice paintings by following step by step lessons but, until now, I haven't actually LEARNED anything. I have found this enormously frustrating. I confess to having jumped ahead to the doodles section of the CD and completing some of them and then unable to resist, I completed a painting. I paused for thought - could I do this painting from scratch without the step by step instruction? NO - because I didn't UNDERSTAND paint, mixing and how it all works on paper! I have now gone through and read every word of the entire CD. I have studied every section and am now working my way slowly and meticulously through EVERY section. I am now LEARNING and am overjoyed to be doing so. I have bought good brushes (Kolinsky sable and the wonderful Isabey mop) and artist quality paints in all the colours you suggested. I have also bought decent paper and the spiral pad for my doodles. I am buckling down to the discipline of learning this craft, and am thrilled to be doing so. Your step by step, clear instructions,teaching and guidance are fabulous. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many thanks.

Elizabeth UK



I have received the CD Thank you. It is excellent and I will use it constantly. I have a number of Painting DVD's however your interactive CD is certainly the best resource I have. Its also the cheapest so is great value for money!!
GP, Australia


Dear Peter,

Firstly, many thanks for the record breaking delivery of my Interactive Watercolour CD - ordered yesterday 16:30 arrived today 15:00. If I hadn't seen the postman I would have thought it came by pigeon.

Secondly, just to say that I have had a quick browse of the CD just to check my PC was up to the challenge and everything is running very smoothly.

Thirdly, many thanks for making this vast array of knowledge and expertise available. After a brief look through some of the sections I was struck by just how detailed and comprehensive the CD is. In some books and other CDs one is always conscious that you are not getting the full story and it is so often the omissions that cause confusion. I suppose there is a considerable difference between a great painter and a great teacher. Although not a rank beginner I am a struggler and it was reassuring to see the few of the pearls of wisdom, I have gleaned over the years, represented on your CD, for instance the benefits of a limited palette, sample swatches and the choice of paper. I also like the intuitive nature of the sections and the links. I admire your patience, skill and professionalism to be able to make it all work so smoothly.
I bought the CD basically to fill the winter months which look as though they may be harsher and longer than usual. It will be a ray of sunshine to work through your CD on a day -by-day basis - watercolour classes brought to my home and all for under 30.00.

Many thanks and success with your venture,


I have been delighted with my CD. It has inspired me and set me on the road to a fascinating and absorbing hobby. I have never painted before, but have found the CD so helpful and easy to follow. I particularly like the video clips - it makes such a difference to actually see how to do a technique live. I look forward to attempting the landscapes from the image library, they look very challenging.


Wow, what a fantastic CD! I received it last week and I am amazed at the amount of detail contained. Everything is referenced and at the click of the mouse further in depth information is available. The doodle videos explain painting techniques brilliantly. I have always wanted to improve my dabbling and now I know I can. Well done Peter!


I received my CD at the weekend and needless to say spent the rest of it browsing through the contents!
I heartily agree with other users comments. The CD is very easy to use and covers far more than all the instruction books I have bought over the last few months. As a true beginner, I felt that I needed a proper grounding in the basics and your CD will certainly provide that.
Many Thanks


I would like to say how pleased I am with Interactive Watercolour. I have had it a couple of days and I am sure it is the best value for money product on the subject of water colour painting I have purchased. I already have one CD on the subject and several books, more expensive than your CD and they don't hold a candle to it.

Thank you.


I have only been painting for a short while and was struggling with some techniques shown in books. I felt I needed a more hands on tutorial and found Peters CD exactly what I was looking for. I cannot recommend this highly enough.


For anyone wanting to develop the art of watercolour, they could not spend better than buy this CD. It is a masterpiece of teaching and along with it is a wonderful Forum, populated with a great bunch of enthusiasts.
Produced by a 110% dedicated expert.

JIR, Scotland

Hi Peter,
CD arrived Saturday morning 31st September, started the course sat pm and haven’t stopped since! Absolutely fantastic, results so far are amazing. I am glad I found this excellent piece of software


I can’t say enough about how thrilled I’ve been with your CD It works on my machine without a hitch, and I have been progressing through the “doodles” with (mostly) happy success. It’s certainly easier to use than any instruction book I’ve purchased, and wonderfully easy to navigate The doodles are “perfectly non-overwhelming”, and I find I can fit one or two into my schedule most days I feel that I’m making good progress, and all in the comfort of my own home!  Thank you so much for this wonderful resource.


Dear Peter,
Your CD arrived today and already my eyes are tired as I can hardly stop looking at it. Over the past few years ,being mostly housebound , and spending a fortune on books, your CD is like a breath of fresh air. It does what you said it would. You accredit yourself with no titles of illusion unlike many who ream off their qualifications but really give little else.

I look forward to going through it in great detail and thank you in advance for what I know will be a great adventure and journey.

Well done and I look forward to your next CD on Watercolour!!!. If only others could be as simple and direct as you are in the direction they give.

God bless you always


Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying using the CD. I have often tried to achieve something using watercolour but with little success. Now I am thrilled to be able to follow such clear directions and videos and hope to apply them to making my own sketches into something pleasing quite soon-although I have a lot to learn. Thank you VERY much!!!


Hello Peter,

I saw the advertisement for the Interactive Watercolour PC CD-Rom in an art magazine…..I was curious to know how it compared with books, actual teaching and how interactive was it really? I sent for a copy and I received it virtually by return post.
During the next two weeks I explored the contents and found every section to be comprehensive ; a first class grounding for beginners from explaining perspective to actual step by step demonstrations. Starting points are many and varied (including a good section of photographs) which an improver or the experienced could play around with to produce their own variants.
The Glossary was of particular interest to me, a must for all budding artists as well as the more experienced; it was easy to link up to all the other sections via the Glossary too….another good point.
Painting is a solitary occupation (unless one is a member of a class or group) and I would recommend the CD to anyone who is interested in improving their skills, and who prefer to work alone and at their own pace. More encouragement is available through the Forum and Critique pages on-line which I think is an extremely important part of the concept.
All in all, a first class CD Peter, I have enjoyed ‘reading’ it and I hope you will not think I am being patronising when I remark that you must have spent many, many hours perfecting the format to suit all aspiring artists. I do hope you are working on another CD…I will certainly purchase a copy when it goes on sale.


Hi Peter,

I've always wanted to paint with watercolour. Over the years, I've made several attempts with varying degrees of success, but have never really been happy with anything I've painted. I know the basic problem is lack of technique and like many others I've spent a small fortune on books and videos in an attempt to improve this. As an over-50 seeing the years slipping away rather faster than I would like, I decided that this year I would make a serious attempt to learn how to paint with watercolour. I was searching the Internet for an on-line course when I came across your Interactive Watercolour CD. I downloaded the trial doodle and was so impressed with it that I ordered the CD the same day.

I've had it for about three months now and have had a go at most of the doodles several times each and have completed all of the paintings. My progress has been incredible - I've learned far more from the CD than I have from all of my other resources put together. Obviously some of my attempts at the doodles weren't completely successful, but even the failures had some redeeming qualities. The best thing is that many of the doodles actually turned out very well and they have the same qualities I'm looking for in my own paintings. That is, they have vibrant, clean colours and although hardly any fiddly detailed work is done they look very realistic. I was really pleased at the way the paintings turned out - all were acceptable, but a few were especially good. Whilst doing the paintings I discovered some areas of my technique that still needed working on so I've started to do the doodles all over again. This time around they seem a lot easier and I find I have more control over the paint. When I've finished these I should be confident (and competent) enough to start to paint my own compositions.

Perhaps the most important feature of the course is the use of videos for some of the doodles and demonstrations. These are invaluable as they show all of the brush strokes and the effect of the paint as it touches wet washes already on the paper. One of the most memorable videos for me is the one showing how to use the side of the rigger to paint a birch trunk. I was amazed at how easy it is to produce such detailed results with so little effort. Another thing that makes your teaching method stand out is the description of different paint consistencies and how to use them, especially when working wet in wet. I didn't realize how important this was before, and I find judging paint consistency to be one of the most difficult skills to achieve. However, now that I'm aware of it, I'm improving with each practice session.

Although I don't have time to take part in the discussions in the forum, I do read the posts from time to time. It is extremely useful to judge your progress with the doodles and paintings by comparing them with others that are posted - it's surprising how much better you feel if someone else is having similar problems to yourself. The discussions on brushes, technique, etc. are also very interesting.

I cannot praise the CD highly enough - it is without doubt the best watercolour painting resource available and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Thank you for taking the time to produce it and for distributing it at such a reasonable price.

Very Best Wishes,


P.S. I'm looking forward to your second CD.

Dear Peter,

Thank you so much for taking the time to produce such a wonderful resource.

I've had the CD since the beginning of the month and I am enjoying working on the doodles. As I don't sit for long periods I find this method of learning ideal. I am certainly learning from my mistakes and am enjoying progressing from one doodle to the next. (I must admit I sometimes move to the next one before I'm satisfied with the one before, just to give some variety. But I do go back and try again).

The instructions are excellent, being clear and helpful for the beginner. I very much appreciate the particular instructions re- the thickness of the paint mixture. I am slowly getting better at mixing the correct consistencies and can see the value. Also it is wonderful to be able to go to all the resource material and technique hints when needed.

So far I've only done about nine doodles but can see that the techniques employed there will certainly apply to subjects I decide to paint later.

Thank you again. I feel as though I am on the right track now!



Dear Peter,

The CD Interactive Watercolour is very comprehensive, a complete manual in fact that I am slowly working through. This past few weeks I have spent most of the time looking up the information in the sections on materials and technique and working on the doodles section. I have enjoyed doing the doodles and have had some success.

I bought the CD hoping that it would improve my watercolour technique and I can honestly say that I have learned a good deal in just a few weeks. There is a long way to go and plenty of work still to do from the CD, but I am sure that in the long term I will achieve my aim.

Your CD is excellent and I would certainly recommend it to any budding artist.

Best wishes


Peter, I have had the CD for a couple of weeks now. As others have said, if I had bought this CD a while ago, I wouldn't have bought so many books. I am a teacher, and I am very critical of what good instruction should be. Up until this CD, I have been very frustrated with the fragmentary nature of watercolor instruction. Your CD is a rare gem of extraordinary instruction in a sea of mediocrity. Practical, specific, and thorough. The videos especially fill the huge holes that books leave. I compliment you and thank you for what I am sure was a monumental effort on your part.


A post from the forum.

It is great how the better you get, the more you want to practice. I am so glad that Peter's CD teaches by letting us do the "fun stuff" while we learn, instead of doing boring exercises, or attempting full scale paintings and getting frustrated!
And Peter, I welcome you to include what I just said in your testimonials. I want others to know how good this CD is. I know you are a humble man, but don't be too humble. Your CD has brought a whole new joy to watercolor for me. I almost gave up on this media, and you brought me back. Onward, to the sponge tree!

When I sent for your Interactive Watercolour CD ROM I was unsure if it would be of help to me.
All I can say is that it has surpassed all my expectations and more. It is so full of help and advice, and all with the click of the mouse. An excellent product.
Please let me know if further courses are planned.


After only a few days my pictures now have some meaning thanks to the easy instructions and lessons on the CD.
Anyone struggling to get to grips with watercolours must buy this smashing CD.

Dave, UK

Your interactive Watercolour CD is just extraordinary and marvellous !!!!
You are so systematic and clear in your explanations and demonstrations as well.
Such a teacher is extremely rare.

Dan, Mauritius

Your PC CD-ROM is better than any book or video that I own, and I have a very good library You have done an outstanding job putting these lessons together, Thank-You.

I am already starting to think of the future and am hoping you will be putting together a couple more CDs, an intermediate and advanced And even further into the future I would be interested in specialized areas such as; Landscapes, Seascapes (which would include Lighthouses), Floral Scenes, Country Villages, and the list goes on.....

Harold, USA

'I've looked at just about everything on the CD and found it to be excellent.....you cover absolutely everything a painter needs to know. I visited lots of the links....great stuff. I was boggle eyed last night by the time I had finished.'

Georgie, Canada

The Interactive Watercolour CD is one of the most informative pieces of work I have ever had the pleasure of purchasing with regards to watercolour painting It is a piece of ART in itself Had this CD been created years ago, I can honestly say that my library here at home wouldn't be as extensive Books, videos and other CDs make up my library and to get the information I might need to brush up on has always been frustrating.....trying to remember where I read or saw this or that This Interactive Watercolour CD is the most complete, extremely well documented and laid out, as I have ever seen!

Susan, USA

I am totally delighted with my "Interactive Watercolour". As yet, I haven't attempted all various sections, but as a 68 year old beginner to watercolour painting, this is what I have been looking for to assist my meagre attempts at painting.
Owing to the fact that I am disabled with arthritis and also have cancer, I cannot attempt to paint outside. Thanks to you, Peter, the outside has been 'brought inside' - and the pains always seem less severe while the brush is in my hand.
For anyone with a painful illness, any distraction can be a 'Godsend'. This has been my experience, and it works.

Thank you, Peter!

Joe, Scotland

'Although I have only had my Interactive Watercolour for only one week, I can say I am more than pleased. Its packed full of information that would have taken an absolute beginner like myself years to find.
The text is so easy to read and the instruction very easy to follow. The video clips are excellent, the step by step doodles alone will I am sure provide me with many hours of enjoyment.
I would like to add that this CD and your tuition are first class.'

Tom, UK

I have now viewed all the information on the CD and it is an excellent resource. It keeps you enthusiastic and ambitious even when what you produce first time isn't quite what you wanted or expected. The full paintings and the learning doodles let you know that you can do it if you persevere.
Before purchasing the CD I was making many notes from various books and videos but found later that the vast majority of the information was on the CD e.g. from the basic care of brushes to such matters as scaling up pictures and the Golden Ratio. I especially liked the 'in detail' sections - they are very useful, and I found the section on perspective extremely informative. Since understanding this topic I have noticed many perspective mistakes in paintings displayed either in people's houses or at local venues.
The price of the CD may seem on the highish side to begin with, but when you consider the amount of information readily available (with the added bonus of a search facility), the moving diagrams or paint movies which can be repeated at the proverbial click of a button it is well worth the price. It is like a book and a video combined but much more versatile.

Paul, UK